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  • Axle Bracket (Heavy Duty)

    Axle Bracket (Heavy Duty)

  • Seitech Standard A Wheel, Knobby

    Seitech Standard A Wheel, Knobby



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  • Dynamic Dollies - Axle Bracket Standard

    Dynamic Dollies - Axle Bracket Standard



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  • Hitch Pin Clip (Wheel Retainer)

    Hitch Pin Clip (Wheel Retainer)



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Items 1-16 of 48

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More information on Dolly Parts and Replacements:

APS offers replacement parts and wheels for your Seitech or Dynamic Dollies dolly.


Accidents happen and APS wants to make it as easy as possible to get back on the water by stocking a large selection of dolly parts. Both manufacturers use anodized aluminum tubes for corrosion resistance and all corner are rounded to be softer on knees and shins. Joints and fittings are constructed of fiber reinforced plastic and fastened with stainless fasteners with strength and corrosion resistance in mind.


Dinghy dolly wheels are made in regular and fat wheel sizes. The regular are great for ramp launching whereas the fat wheels shine when launching on gravel or sandy beaches. The fat wheels use a wider axle so it is necessary to use a fat wheel kit to convert a standard wheel dolly to the fat wheels.


To make your life even easier, each manufacturers’ parts are compatible with the other.  For example, if you need a new axle bracket for your Seitech dolly, you can use either a Seitech of Dynamic Dolly replacement.


Check out the APS blog for more dolly and boat accessory info:

Dinghy Dolly Upgrade: Standard to Fat Wheels


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