Antal Size 110 Traveler Car w/ Sheave

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The ball bearing car in hard black anodized aluminum, Antal Size 110 Traveler Car w/ Sheave features four ball circuits. The upper circuits are two Delrin balls while the lower circuits are two Torlon balls. This car is designed to remain on track even in the overload condition. Side caps facilitate easy cleaning, maintenance, and replacement. The track, car and other components are made up of extruded aluminum in high strength and hard black anodized for strong performance.

More Information
Number of Ball Bearings 1/4" 66 x Torlon + 66 x Delrin
Length (mm) 150
Length (M) 5.91
Safe Working Load (lbs) 2204.62
Safe Working Load (kg) 1000 kg
Width (in) 2.75
Width (mm) 70
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