APS Advisor

This is the place where we get to share our commitment to and enjoyment of sailing and one of the key elements that makes it possible – water.

The Advisor has three core content areas:  Expert Advice, where we guide you on how to choose, use and care for your products.  The blog, where we share content based on our love of sailing and the water. Lastly our One Design photo gallery where you can browse photos of boat rigging, hardware and layouts from many different angles.

Other areas include our Sailing Terms Glossary and Learn to Sail resources.

APS Experience

Since 1991, APS has been exclusively sailing.  Located in Annapolis Maryland, the sailing capital of the world, APS provides easy shopping options through its website, call center and storefront.  APS continues to be best source for sailing apparel, hardware, line and accessories for cruisers and racers worldwide, plus rigging services for running and standing rigging.   We live and breathe sailing and that is the APS difference. We have the experienced staff to provide you with answers and solutions.

We Care

APS is an advocate of the following non-profit organizations and their efforts in growing the enjoyment of the sailing and water lifestyle.  We encourage you to support these like-minded organizations.