The London Boat Show: Unintentional Comedy Gold

With Rob working on our 2009 Catalog full-time, his role at the Stern Scoop has been scaled back a bit. In addition to pimping us out in certain places on the Internet, James and I rely on him to feed us any cool products or information that comes across his desk as the APS Marketing Director. This morning, before our weekly planning meeting, he tossed us some pictures from Gill’s booth at the 2009 London Boat Show.

The first pictures weren’t all that interesting. Sure, Gill’s booth looks pretty sweet, but that won’t pull in the readers to the blog. And yeah, the pics with the British military brass, where Gill is playing up their alliance with the British Services Transglobe Expedition, are nice but not groundbreaking.

2009 London Boat Show - Gill booth
(Note: The BSTE is actually kind of a cool idea; they are pitting the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force against each other in a transglobal yacht race aboard Challenge 67’s. It’s supposed to be a big ol’ team building exercise that takes place over 13 legs of racing.)

Hope was not lost for a good blog post though — the last three pictures in the email from Rob were money. They were pictures of the Gill Fashion Show, which for some reason brought an immediate chuckle to me. Naturally, I flew to Google to find out more.

At first, all I could find were pictures of Kelly Brook, some English model who was opening the London Boat Show. Yeah, she’s not bad looking, but she supposedly was engaged to Billy Zane at one point, so I immediately lost respect for her.

Then we struck unintentional comedy gold — YouTube videos of the fashion shows from Gill, Henri Lloyd, Puma and Musto. We’re asking you to tell us who’s got the best/funniest show.  — be sure to let them all wash over you before making your choice. Take everything from the ladies’ unique base layering options under their bibs to the musical accompaniment into consideration. And we’re just guessing here, but it’s idiot commentary like this that keeps these kind of shows from occurring here in the States.


Henri Lloyd:



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