APS 1 : Worm 0

APS 1 : Worm 0

It’s been hard to miss news about the Conficker computer worm lately — Conficker is a computer virus that has a few nasty side effects and it was scheduled to E.T. it up and phone home today for instructions on what else it should be doing. This led to speculation that any number of things would happen, ranging from some annoying pop-ups on your screen to NORAD accidentally launching the US’ arsenal of nukes.

We’re big on computer security here at APS and wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to fall victim to this worm, so we activated our virus protection software. We don’t mess around with that sissy crap from Norton, Symmantec or AVG though…

Nope, we have something way more effective — Aaron Anti-Virus, 0.23 BAC. We sent it out on a search and within minutes he found the worm, identified it and instantly destroyed it…

APS is currently selling copies of Aaron Anti-Virus, 0.23 BAC for $159.95 — act now and we’ll throw in a free “AAV Jersey Phrases Translation Package” so you can understand any reports he sends your way…

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  1. I heard it went something like this..
    “you woln’t eat that…”
    “Oh yeah? Hold my beer watch this!”

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