APS 20th Anniversary Party Recap

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Weeks of planning finally paid off when APS staffers had the chance to hang out with Annapolis, North Virginia, Colorado, and Baltimore racers off the water at the APS 20th Anniversary Backyard BBQ!

There were more than just hot dogs on the grill, there were hot dogs in attendance! (Example a.k.a. Maxwell to the right.) Let’s just say, the beer tent was as popular as ever considering it was one of the few places to find shade…We need more trees in this world or at least more Kaenon sunglasses and Sun protection.
Thank you to those of you who were in town and ventured into the hot sun to join us! In the end, it felt good to chase away those 4th of July hangovers and officially celebrate 20 years of APS, 20 years of hard work and innovation, and 20 years of performance sailing. A solid crew of people filtered in over the course of the afternoon to eat food off the grill, drink icy cold beer and fruit punches, and shoot the breeze. I, for one, could have done with an earlier reapplication of sunscreen and maybe a little more water than beer… To think, when we started planning, we were worried about rain!

A good time was had by all, and even some mishaps helped make the day. It’s the kind of stuff good comedy is made of, and in the end, you’re left laughing with your friends: Invite a bunch of sailors over for burgers and find out you’ve broken the grill. (Did that happen when we were cleaning it up, or is it just old?) Or fight to defend yourself when people in their 20s and 30s give you trouble for opting out of the Moon Bounce. (APS is 20 not two, and I’m pretty sure the people asking about it would have exceeded the weight limit…) Good thing our guests were happy and laid back.

Really, it’s those imperfections that make you band together and triumph! Grill emergency, shmrill emergency. Not skipping a beat, Harriet in accounting came to the rescue when she called her husband and requested that he deliver us from momentary chaos and drop off a proxy grill. (Thanks, Tom! You are awesome!)

DJ Grill Master Zach – who also happens to be the APS Shipping Manager – had it fired up in no time topped with sizzling BBQ bun stuffers. A good thing for us all to know: you can’t promise hungry sailors food and not come through! What did you think of the burgers? Zach insisted on that extra shaker of Montreal Steak Seasoning. Seems like he’s a man who knows.

Of course, we couldn’t let you all stop by without sharing a little love. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our momento…

Here are some of our favorites among the Congratulations, Thanks, and Cheers our guests were kind enough to write on our fashioned “guest book” banner:
-Thanks APS…You’ve saved our butts through many broken halyards!
-Can’t wait for the next 20!!
-Congrats APS for 20 years of Excellence! Annapolis V-15 Fleet
-#179 RedRum I don’t know how much Opti gear I’ve bought, but it’s a lot!
The drawings and greetings from the likes of J-World and the Aunt Jean Crew are here to stay! So now, it’s just a matter of figuring out where to hang this beauty. In the storefront, perhaps?
Thank you for 20 years, Everyone! – High Fives coming your way from The APS Crew

For more pictures, check out the APS 20th Anniversary Party!!! album on Facebook.
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  1. Hey! Just got my shirt from APS. Cool shirt and excited to get to have one.

    Want to shout out again to Warren Richter for all the help he provided with the Santana 20 Nationals. You all won alot of die hard fan in the Santana 20 fleet! You all have a great staff, if I am ever out that way I have to meet some of you all.

  2. Woo-hoo! Thanks, gree2056! Glad you like the shirt. Also, thanks for passing on the word to your fellow Santana 20 racers. Keep us in mind for your regatta next year!

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