APS at Key West Race Week II

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Warren checks back in with a recap of Day #1. It was a good day for Warren and the kids on L’Outrage, taking a pair of second place finishes. Unfortunately, they were outdone by Tangent, a Cape Fear 38 also out of Annapolis, who took a pair of bullets in the wild weather of Monday.

L’Outrage hopes to change their day around on Sperry Top-Sider Day — who wouldn’t want a free pair of shoes? Tomorrow is Mt. Gay Rum Day, where they normally give out a bottle of the really good stuff to the class winner; so look for Warren to be extra motivated to win tomorrow.

Anyways, here’s Warren’s Day #1 Recap:
We headed out early on Day #1 to get another look at the sails and practice in some actual breeze. The crewwork was great, cemented by several minutes of continuous jibing to make sure that we could get ourselves out of any situation we wanted to.

This is my first rodeo at KWRW, but the first race was, by all accounts, one of the craziest races ever. We started in about 13kts with a rather typical beat, but we could see the squall line coming at us. The squall brought a moderate increase in breeze, but it was the line of driving rain and an almost 45 degree wind shift that made things sporty.

A quick gybe was in order once we got the kite up and we were were quick to the rail as the boat was sailing with the spinnaker pole right on the headstay. As we made our way to the leeward mark, a conservative call was made that saw the bow team switch out headsails, plugging in the #3 and ditching the Heavy #1.

As soon as everything was sqaured away, the #3 went up because we were barely hanging onto the kite, boats were rounding up in front of us. All this manuvering paid off and we rounded the leeward mark in first. As we started to go uphill the breeze dropped off considerably and the #3 left us underpowered. Our main competition, Tangent, got around us and stretched out a lead that allowed them to take the race while we were able to hang on for second.

Headed to the boat for today’s races: stay tuned for Race #2 and Today’s write up when we get back in.


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