APS at Key West Race Week IV

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Yesterday we mentioned that Key West has apparently not been living up to it’s reputation as a tropical retreat. APS staff member Lynn has reported that the past few days have seen sailors bundling up with gear that more closely resembles frostbite attire than Carribean cruising gear. With highs not even breaking 50 degrees they might as well be here in Annapolis (no palm trees or Mount Gay sponsored parties here though so I don’t think they have it so bad).

Fleeces, beanie hats and frostbite style gloves have been more popular than the shorts and T-shirts I’m sure some were hoping for. After zipping around in an rib all day doing support for the Melges 32 Flat Stanley Lynn says her Musto Windstopper gloves have been doing a great job keeping her hands warm.

This is actually Ian (2nd from the right) — didn’t want him to feel left out.
Warren also let us know what gear he was wearing to keep dry and warm in the unexpectedly cold temps:

My gear combination for today was fantastic. I bought a new Musto MPX Gore-Tex smock, and combined with my Prowik shirt underneath I was dry and comfortable throughout the day even when working hard and getting wet. I also adore my new pair of Ronstan gloves that I bought on Friday, as they are wearing very well with me trimming main and saving my hands.

I’m told the weather for today is a bit more tropical with highs expected to be in the mid 60s and plenty of sunshine for the final day of racing.

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