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I wish that I was writing this from the warmer climates that are afforded by the southernmost point in the Continental United States, but alas, I’m stuck here in the stupid cold of Annapolis fighting off the bubonic plauge. Well, it might also be rickets, dysentery, or leprosy… WebMD was a little vauge, and I’m a bit of a drama queen.

Luckily, there isn’t much that I’ll need to do for our Key West thread; a lot of the writing will be done by someone else for this. In fact, I’m going to start now with an intro written by Warren Richter, one of our Customer Service reps who is going to be reporting live to us.

“Several APS staff members are making the trek south. Ian Coleman is sailing on the J/80 Spank Me as a trimmer, Lynn Bethell is on the shore support team for the Melges 32 Flat Stanley, and yours truly is sailing aboard the Beneteau FC10 L’Outrage as Main trimmer.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Bruce and the crew of L’Outrage for winning the Ft. Lauderdale to Key West Race with the Best in Class and Best in PHRF Fleet honors.

Back to Race Week – with turnout at the lowest it has been in recent memory, this event is still shaping up to be very interesting. The regatta is down nearly a hundred boats, likely due to the significant expense of getting a crew and keelboat down to the Keys in a “down” economy. This shouldn’t dampen the competition though, as the scratch sheet still reveals a slew of big names and well-sailed programs.”

And Warren, ever reliable, got to typing on his iPhone right after practice on Sunday, and here is his first report:

“Saturday night was a blast; hit up Schooners and had a team dinner at the house with prime rib and grilled swordfish.

Sunday we got to the boat early, fixed a few items and then went out to practice at 10:00am. Practice went great – the wind was hanging in around 5kts, so we looked at a few new sails. We took a look at a recut of the old Heavy #1 that was turned into a #2, hoping the depth will help in the waves. We also checked out the new main and a new runner kite. All of the sails looked great and after ironing out the crew work, we headed in to fix the last two items on the to-do list.

We headed to lunch at The Hogfish on Stock Island, with fresh fish for all. Following this, we rested up at the house and are currently headed to the first night of the rum tent (Editor’s Note: you lucky bastard). Then it’s off to watch the AFC championship afterwards: Go Ravens!

Standing by in Key West.


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