APS at Key West — Wrap-up

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Warren did a great job sending updates in from Key West while he was down there. However, due to the miracle of e-mail junk filters, we didn’t find his last report until yesterday. Brilliant technology you’ve got there, Microsoft — start filtering something that you’ve let through about 93 times before, while giving the ol’ “Ole!” to various offers for pharmaceuticals and invitations to exotic MySpace pages.

Anyways, here’s Warren’s final accounting of the regatta’s events:
Following Day #3 and a fantastic team effort for 2 bullets, team L’Outrage was only one point out of first place. We started off Day #4 well and had good pace, rounding the top mark in second. Tangent was slightly ahead and Seefest was slightly behind. We sailed well for the run and the next beat, with Seefest still just slightly behind, having made up time on a shift. On the run we were fast, but not fast enough to catch Tangent, or cover our time on Seefest and we finished in third corrected.

The next race went well with a great start and excellent teamwork all around, but we once again were unable to stay in touch with Tangent and thus we could not cover our time on them, finishing second in the race and overall.

Ian and the team sailing on Spank Me had their best race of the week with a second place in the Race #8 on Thursday, to help assist in their ascension up the scoreboard.

Friday was the nicest weather that we had seen all week and we were looking forward to getting some sun while sailing. The first race on Friday took place in moderate breeze, about 12kts – 15kts, with the warmest temperatures that we’d seen. We were close and in-phase with Tangent up the whole first beat, rounded just behind them. We had a good run and a good second beat, but Tangent was able to squirt away on the second run and beat us by 9 seconds corrected. The second race saw us start well again, having sailed a good, sound race by all accounts, but we still lost by 41 seconds corrected to Tangent, putting us solidly in second for the week.

Warren and L’Outrage finishing the last race for 2nd Overall at KWRW.

Onboard Spank Me, Ian and the team posted a 4-4 to take the daily third place trophy on the final day, sliding them up the results to 8th place for the week.

All in all, I had a fantastic time and a lovely week in Key West, escaping the cold Annapolis weather. I would like to congratulate the team onboard Spank Me; Bob, Kristen, Christian, and Ian for sailing well in a tough One Design Fleet.

I would also like to thank my team Bruce(and Lisa), Kenny, Jon, Jess, Stuart, Mike, Ron for a great week of sailing. Thanks to everyone for my first trip to Key West.

Signing off for the last time from Key West.


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