APS’s Civil War… in Lasers. Part II.

APS’s Civil War… in Lasers. Part II.

Sunday, July 12th (not the 13th — thanks Ellie), 2009 started off as a day of great promise for decent wind and a good day of Laser sailing. James, Aaron and I all made our way down to the Severn Sailing Association at the crack of 9:30am to rig up and take on the second leg of their Summer Laser Series.

For those of you who follow the blog with any regularity, the first leg of the series found Team APS’ James, Chris (aka, me) and Aaron sitting overall in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively after the first day.

With that good start to the series in mind, we set off on Sunday to fight it out with 19 other boats in an encouraging 10 knots of breeze and hope in our hearts…

That hope, that breeze and the will of Aaron and I to ever sail on the Chesapeake again shut down shortly thereafter.
Boat at Dock with Crime scene tape around it, his sailing was that bad
The Race Committee set up just off of Whitehall Bay, which is just a little south of the Bay Bridge. The breeze was holding in there when we first got to the race course, but there were some pretty significant shifts. Right before the first scheduled gun, the wind clocked about 70-degrees and up went the most used flag in Annapolis sailing, the AP.

When the breeze finally settled in from an ENE direction (a wind direction that”s rarely useful without a named storm causing it…) we found ourselves in a dying breeze with about a knot and a half of current against us.

It”s really all downhill from there — in the end, I had a couple of results with ones and twos in them. Unfortunately, both numbers were in the same race (that means I got a 12th, for those of you playing the Stern Scoop home game). Aaron and I had so much fun that we basically beelined it to Davis” Pub to start drinking afterwards.

Speaking of Aaron, it would appear that he had an equally frustrating day when looking at his wrap-up of the day:
“It [edited] sucked.”

For his part, James had a mixed bag of a day — 8, 3, 6. It was enough to keep him in second overall with 22 points overall. Unlike us normal sized folk, James” hunger riddled body loved the light stuff. There was one leeward mark rounding where James, Aaron and I rounded together (in that order) — James was hiking while Aaron and I were up against the boom with our weight over the daggerboard. I can”t look at a sandwich anymore without thinking that it”s just another .05 knots that I”m losing to James.

Despite the poor day, Aaron and I sit tied for fourth overall with over twice as many points (50) but still have a shot at third. We technically have a shot at second too… if James doesn”t show up.

Congratulations are in order to James and local Bob Tan, who have spoiled overall leader Brady White”s picket fence attempt. Brady has just eight points in six races. I guess he deserves congratulations too, but since he”s kind of embarrasing me out there that”s just not going to happen. I really can”t wait for him to come into the shop and pick up a copy of “The Laser Book” from our store to give to us…

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