APS Dyneema Shackle Loops (DSLs) | Expert Review

APS Dyneema Shackle Loops

Often called soft shackles, softies, or loops – Spliced Dyneema Shackles are quickly becoming the norm on high performance race boats. Their safe working load-to-weight ratio was a popular characteristic that landed these puppies on an America’s Cup boat holding the mainsheet to a padeye. Sailors like these loops because they are extremely light, they won’t scratch up the boat, and besides looking slick – they’re flexible and can be fastened just about anywhere.
Soft shackles can replace traditional shackles and happen to be ideal for jib sheets because they won’t bang up your mast or get chewed up by inhaulers. They make the lightest weight halyard attachment when spliced onto the end of a stripped line. Our rigging department is proud to offer our very own in-house APS Dyneema Shackle Loops in a wide variety of diameters and lengths. To be sure the loops don’t come undone when not under load, a velcro strap a.k.a. “keeper” comes with every shackle. If you need an attachment for your Harken T2 block or Harken Airblock, these shackles are ideal and can be a great block attachment on padeyes, toerails, or booms.

Jarrett Hering, one of our APS rigging gurus, explains how Dyneema Shackle Loops work and how you use them. With a little practice, you’ll even be able to manipulate these with one hand…

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  1. Audio is way too low. This is an important video, please take it to the next step and describe the other shackles. Please note that the "finger trap" style soft shackles are great for applications that are rarely opened.

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