APS’s Favorite International Sailing Magazine: Seahorse…

APS’s Favorite International Sailing Magazine: Seahorse…
A great companion to have at the poolside or when you’re desk-bound and need to fulfill that craving for some inspirational sailing literature Seahorse Magazine is truly unique international sailing magazine that touches base on more than just the US sailing market. They feature a powerful forum for global sailing debate and its contributors are expert sailors who are fully immersed in the sport.
Seahorse covers a wide variety of material from epic sailing adventures to the latest forefront on sailing technology; expert advice to racers, recaps on big regatta’s and featured articles from world renowned sailors. I skimmed through September’s issue and thought the most notable column (besides all the enthralling media on the next America’s Cup) was an article about the developments of the international rating rules and what influences the two prevailing (and very different) rating systems have on the optimization of a boat. Interesting material indeed! There are of course many other informative and informative articles relative to your everyday sailor but a lot of the material in this magazine centers on the off-shore, big boat racing and cruising scene.
Another aspect of the magazine is the focus on the design and production of boats and sails, which can be quite technical, but it’s incredibly informational from an engineering standpoint. You really get an in depth look at how and why boats are designed and built to meet a certain criterion.
In all, the magazine is an impressive read and it has an International perspective on sailing that is a bit different from other sailing magazines we read. We’ve also found it can be difficult to get a hold of so we’ve done some leg work for you and arranged a special discount with Seahorse. To take advantage of the deal all you need to do is purchase a magazine subscription through the APS Site. The discount is at least 20% off of the original listed price. As a final note we’ll leave you with the thought that a Seahorse magazine subscription makes an ideal gift for any sailor!
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