APS Gets Ready For the Holidays

APS Gets Ready For the Holidays featured image

This is the first of a series of post I plan to do here on The Stern Scoop about the staff here at APS. Nothing too elaborate, but I want to give everyone out there a better idea of who we are here at the shop and where we work every day. I get customers in the store all the time who are surprised to learn that all of our shipping, receiving, rigging, marketing, web development & over the phone customer service all happens out of this one little shop.

Here at APS we like to get into the holiday spirit as best we can so I wanted to share a few pictures of how we’ve decorated this year. This is a shot from our storefront complete with a mannequin decked out in HPX driving through the Christmas trees.

storefront Christmas decor
And here is our APS Customer Service Team in our call center. From left to right we have Warren, Riess, John (taking an order), Aaron & Steve.

customer service team ready for the holidays

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