How Harken Track is Custom Bent to Order | Expert Advice

Etchells and certain catamaran sailors order Harken track from APS and need it bent to follow cabin house curves or boom radii. We had one such order recently, and asked track guru Bam to show us how it is done. Above, you see him working to manipulate a track on what we’ve dubbed, “The Track Bending Machine.”

Note, track is slightly flexible, and you can make very minor bends when installing it. However, when it comes to bends that are a little more complex or pronounced we recommend that you not do it yourself so you won’t kink the track and have to buy all new track. Click here to view the APS – Harken Curved Track link to find out what measurements you’ll need when putting in an order for Harken Bent Track. If you have ANY questions about your measurements, please call APS Customer Service at 800-729-9767.

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