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Rigged APS Laser Practice Sail

11/2016 Note: APS practice sails are temporarily unavailable.

In addition to all the fun tweaky bits you can found

APSC101 - APS Laser Practice Sail Package - Standardin our Laser Upgrade Kits , we now offering a Laser Practice Sail for Radials and Standard Lasers.

These new sails are made from 3.8 oz cloth with more resin than the class legal sails. The result is a sail that will hold it’s shape better and last even longer than your race sails.

Using a laser practice sail is a great way to save your class legal sails for the important regattas and have a great looking, fast sail to use for weeknight or frostbite racing if your local fleet allows it. I used the sail the other week for SSA’s TESOD series and it’s just as fast (probably a bit faster since it was brand new) than the class legal sails out there.

Recreational Laser sails come with tell tails already installed. They also include battens and an APS Laser Pro Clew Strap.

APS Laser Clew StrapLaser BattenTell Tales

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2 Responses

  1. Practice sails are great for practice, but cannot be used for races (including TESOD) using standard US Sailing rules. I hope you withdrew yourself from the race, or your fellow competitors protested you.

    78.1 states your boat should be maintained to comply with class rules. Class rules say only to use class-legal sails.

    Help support the class, ensure fair racing and only use a class-legal sail when racing. It helps keep the costs of class sails down and ensures the class stays vibrant and protects the investment we've all made in our boats.

  2. I absolutely agree that all Laser sailors should do their part to support the class and build their fleets so we can all enjoy more competitive racing.

    Tuesday night racing at SSA is very informal with lots of different boats out on the race course. We don’t keep score and everyone is out to have a good time. To me that’s an ideal use for a practice sail.

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