APS New Staff: Aimee Poisson

APS New Staff: Aimee Poisson

Aimee Poisson has traveled near and far sailing and running programs. After long stints in St. Croix and Baltimore, she’s back on our waters spending her work days at APS. Welcome home, Aimee!

When did you start sailing? Why?
I grew up sailing with my family. I didn’t really have a choice, we all just went sailing. Then, later on as an adult, I realized that it was a unique skill with a cool culture. I started to pursue the sport with more fervor.
You’re from the area. What made you want to move back to Annapolis?
I grew up here, I have always liked it. After living in so many diverse sailing communities, I wanted to be in a place where I identify with the local culture and can continue to enjoy the lifestyle.
Is Annapolis your favorite place to sail?
I really like the BVI for a regatta venue. Locally, I prefer the Eastern Shore.
What is your favorite thing about working at APS?
I get to see all the great gear that comes through the department. We ship some cool stuff! I also really like spending my days surrounded by other sailors.
Do you have a favorite piece of gear you’ve seen come through?
Oh yes. The ZhikSkin Super Warm Skiff Suit. It’s hard to find a suit out there that’s cut so nicely for women.
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