APS Spinsheet Chesapeake Racer Profile – Team APS

APS Spinsheet Chesapeake Racer Profile – Team APS

Among the boats this team sails on are the Laser, E-Scow, DN, J/22, J/80, J/109, Soverel 33, Beneteau 40.7, Beneteau 44.7, Farr 395, Farr 40, Log Canoes, and various handicap boats.

Mike Lindsley: Storefront Manager
What’s your advice for young racing sailors?
Wear sunblock!  As great as it is to have a sweet hiking pants tan line across your Wayfers, using sunblock will save you a few trips to the dermatologist later in life.  Try using sunblock from Blue Lizard or Z-block-it will save your skin!

What three pieces of indispensible sailing gear do you own?
I almost always have Kaenon Sunglasses and a pair of Under Armor compression boxers stored in my Helly Hensen Duffle bag.

Steve Mazur: Customer Service
Do you have advice for young racers?
Wear the right gear-nothing worse than being cold and miserable.

What gear do you depend on?
Croakies, Sailing Angles Control Gloves, and waterproof iPod player case.

Matt Crooks: Storefront

Advice to young racing sailors?
try and get on as many boats as you can so that you can see how different skippers run their boats and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

What’s in your gear bag?
My Smith sunglasses, Rainbow flip flops, and lots of sunscreen!

     Aaron Freeman: Customer Service Manager
What nugget of wisdom do you have for young racing sailors?
Don’t be intimidated by “big” boats.  Walk the docks on Wednesday night looking to be crew.  As a junior sailor, you will bring some great skills to the table (you’ve probably practiced as many starts in the prior two weeks as many of the crew onboard will start in an entire season).  Have fun and be nice to people.  Sailing is a lifetime sport, which means you’re probably going to see the same people that you see at mark roundings now for the next 30 to 50 years!

Warren Richter: Customer Service
If you had one piece of advice about racing for a young sailor, what would it be?
Be calm. Remaining calm and maintaining your composure in a difficult situation  or when you find yourself at the back of the fleet will get you much further than getting frustrated and loosing your cool.

What gear do you depend on?
Henri Lloyd Foul Weather Gear, Ronstan Gloves, Teva Shoes, and Rocky Gore-Tex socks.

John Maloney: Customer
Service/Boat Sales Manager

What is your advice for young racing sailors?
Get in dinghies a lot!  Don’t get used to bigger boats before you are used to dinghies.  You’ll be able to sail big boats more effectively later on down the road.

Essential sailing gear?
It’s been a while since I have frostbite raced, but my Kokatat drysuit has provided me with countless hours of comfort in the dead of winter.  Couldn’t live (literally, I guess) without it.  I’ve owned a lot of different drysuits (and rolls of duct tape) over the years.  This one is worth the money.

Matt Fafoutis: Customer Service
Advice to young sailors?
Have fun.  Isn’t that the whole point of sailing to begin with?  If you aren’t having fun, why do it at all?

What’s your favorite sailing gear?
Musto MPX Race Salopettes and Atlas gloves doing bow on big boats.  I never get on a boat without rigging tape and a shackle key bottle opener…I don’t know which function I use more often.

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  1. Thanks for all these suggestions – I have a son about to go off delivering yachts for a year or more and there are some very sensible suggestions here both for advice and for gifts!
    My advice to you all though is to make sure you choose natural sunscreens, preferably without any toxic chemicals!

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