APS Staff Profile: Ian Coleman

APS Staff Profile: Ian Coleman

Today on the Stern Scoop we are happy to bring you an interview with our very own Ian Coleman. He works in the storefront of our shop so I bet some of you might have met him before. Ian is an all around great guy – he’s an avid sailor and world class bathroom cleaner-upper plus he just loves to bake chocolate cake when someone here at the shop has a birthday. Really though, I don’t know what I’d do without Ian. He works tirelessly in the store helping customers so I can spend time writing to all of you here on the Stern Scoop.

Here’s the interview:

Stern Scoop (SS): Hi Ian, I hope you’re looking forward to the opportunity to share a little bit about yourself with the blogosphere.

Ian Coleman: I don’t know what a blogosphere is but it sounds pretty cool.

SS: How long have you been working at APS?

Ian: I started at APS in August of 2007. That makes it about a year and a half.

SS: And what a year and a half it’s been. What is it you do here at the shop?

Ian: I run the storefront in the absence of James, my fearless leader and keeper of the oracle that is the APS blog.

SS: Glad to see all that constant berating is having some positive effects finally. Why don’t you tell the folks out there what you’re sailing on.

Ian: During the summer I race primarily on Log Canoes (#19). In the off months I sail Stars and Melges 24s.

SS: So Ian how long have you been sailing?

Ian: Since I was a baby. I started going to sailing camp at West River Sailing Club when I was seven.

SS: Were you a baby or were you seven? I must know the truth!
…Sorry about that, anyways what would you say your favorite sailing was from this summer?

Ian: Racing log canoes in St. Michaels.
Editor’s Note: Log Canoes are a Chesapeake Bay tradition where a bunch of guys sail a narrow boat with tons of canvas and crawl out on hiking boards to keep them flat.

SS: Those log canoes sure must be a lot of fun. What are your favorite pieces of gear to wear?

Ian: Kaenon sunglasses, followed closely by my Gore-Tex socks.

SS: Are there any common questions you get from customers that we could address in the blog?

Ian: If you come in on a Friday at 5 and need rigging done by the end of the day for the regatta you neglected to prepare for, you better bring beer.

SS: That’s a great lead in to ask you what your favorite beer is.

Ian: Free.

SS: Well at least you have standards. What do you like best about working here at APS?

Ian: I think we answered that in the last two questions.

SS: That’s a good one Ian. Just for fun if you could have any superpower what would it be?

Ian: Whatever would make it socially acceptable to wear spandex, fake muscle body armor, and a cape in public.

SS: Maybe I should have just skipped that question but for the visual learners out there here is what that might look like:

SS: So… moving on what is your favorite place to sail?

Ian: Chester River, St. Mikes, Oxford. I love sailing on the Eastern Shore.

SS: And one last question, what is the best regatta you’ve been to?

Ian: Star Worlds in 2008 at Coral Reef YC.

SS: I’ll bet that was a great event. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Ian.

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