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Battle of the Bullet Blocks

Practical Sailor Bullet Block Test Selden 40mm Blocks Best Choice
It has been way too long since APS did a proper comparison test of products. (We will get on that shortly, performance racers!) In the meantime, we give it up to Practical Sailor for getting into the nitty gritty of the top ball/roller bearing bullet blocks around. The Ball Bearing Block 40mm Single Tie On and 40mm Single Swivel by Seldén win the honor of Best Choice.

Practical Sailor Bullet Block Test Bench

It’s necessary to subscribe to Practical Sailor for the full run down. However, if you’re in for the teaser, click here.

Some of our favorite points in the article:

•These 40mm blocks are a testimony to [Seldén’s] commitment to stainless ball-bearing efficiency and long-term reliability.

•Seldén prefers metal because it won’t deform under load or heat, and the alloy they choose is very corrosion resistant.

A close Second goes to Harken’s 40mm Carbo Airblocks.

Nice work with your review, Practical Sailor. Congratulations go out to Seldén and Harken!

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