Be Current NOOD Tide Chart

Be Current NOOD Tide Chart

This weekend is the Annapolis NOOD Regatta and it’s looking like the weather is going to cooperate and we’ll have some actual spring temps (and hopefully some wind) for the races. For those who’ve raced on the Chesapeake Bay before you’ll know that while we don’t have the ripping current of Newport or San Fran we do have tides and sometimes they can be a little weird. Perhaps more importantly when you’re sailing in 5 kts of breeze a 1 kt current is fairly meaningful.

One thing that can help Bay locals and folks from out of town this weekend is the Be Current tide chart. We carry a bunch of these tide charts for different areas that contain tide direction and strength information but we have some that are specially printed for the NOOD containing time of day references.

It’s relatively basic information but especially if you haven’t sailed on the Bay before I think it’s helpful. The course where the J22s and J24s usual sail can have some unusual current effects due to the shallower water in Whitehall Bay.

We expect to get some more of these tide charts for J24 Worlds so look out for those next week. The next few weeks in Annapolis should be exciting with lots of great racing going on and I’m sure plenty of parties as well.

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