Behind the Scenes – APS Shipping is Green

Behind the Scenes – APS Shipping is Green

Ever wonder why some of your orders from APS come shipped in a box that has an odd shape? Why you may get packing peanuts in one order and bubble wrap in another?

The Answer is this: APS reuses shipping material coming in by way of product deliveries. (Minus shredded paper – that stuff is beastly.)

At APS, we’re trying to do what we can to adopt various sustainable business pratices. Reusing materials for shipping is easy and economical – and the difference in the recycling bins at the end of the day is visible. It’s not out of the ordinary for a box arriving as a store delivery to find it’s way out by the end of the day with your Ronstan Swivel Shackles and your midweight Pullover by Patagonia order.

Check out Bryan in the APS Fulfillment Department. He loves recycling, and so does everyone else on the team!

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