Bike to Work Day at APS

Bike to Work Day

This past Friday was Bike to Work Day and some of the APS crew were up bright and early riding their bikes to our shop in Annapolis. Mike, Jarrett, Rob, Rob, Katie, Aaron and James all rode downtown to the Bike to Work rally held at the city dock in downtown Annapolis. Bryn and Torrey also rode to work but didn’t make it down to the rally. That’s nine APS’ers in all for those of you keeping track doing their part to make the earth a little greener.

The Annapolis rally had a great turnout this year of over 200 riders from all around. Some folks rode from over 30 miles away. Everyone got a free bike to work t-shirt and they also had bagels, coffee, energy bars and other treats for those hungry bike riders. Afterward everyone rode their bikes up Main street en mass. We all had a lot of fun.

Aaron and Katie had a little too much fun and got a little behind the group. We were starting to get worried about what had happened to them but then they called and claimed they got held up because the Eastport bridge was up. Luckily we were all caught up on watching touching but kinda creepy childhood movies so we knew that wouldn’t have been a problem for E.T. so what why was it such a big deal for Aaron and Katie?

Once we were all there the APS bike gang gathered in front of the shop for the picture at the top of the post. Turns out APS President Kyle (center of picture under the flag) rode his bike to work too, his new bike was really turning heads as he rode through town.

The coolest bike award went to Torrey rolled in on a unicycle and put on a pretty impressive performance, that made us wish we all could be circus performers. That’s right, he rides a unicycle. No joking it’s pretty awesome and he’s really good at it.

Overall, ride your bike to work day was a great turnout and hopefully it encourages a habit for some to ride their bike to work more often. As always, remember to complete your ride with a nice safety feature called the helmet.

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