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The United States Sailboat Show here in Annapolis is reputed to be the oldest and largest new in-water boat show in the world. I’m guessing that they wouldn’t lie about this, but making wild claims isn’t exactly hard – for instance, James has claimed that girls actually talk to him on more than one occasion.


Moving on…

This is the biggest event of the year for us here at APS. We’re talking about an “all hands on deck” kind of thing where every staff member will be working either in the storefront or with one of our vendors. This year APS staffers will be spread over six different sites, so wherever you are at the show, you’ll probably see one of our smiling faces.

Anywhere You Have the WWW Access

Yes, you won’t actually see us on the internet… but we are having a shin-dig of a blowout of a sale. I’d hate to ruin the surprise when you get your invoice, but we’re going to be taking 15% off of practically everything in the shop. Read up on all the wonder and amazement that is the APS Boat Show Sale by clicking your mouse here.

If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 800/729.9767, but keep in mind that we’re a little short staffed here on the phones because of the show, so the wait times might be a hair longer than usual. Just hit the speakerphone button, sit back with a cup of coffee and put your feet up on your desk and take in our hold music — the smooth sounds of Peter Montgomorey narrating some Australian skiff racing. It’s cool, your boss won’t mind at all. Just tell him you’re supporting small business in America and wave a flag at him — he’ll back off.

APS’ Very Own Booth
On Water, Corner of E2 & F2

You’ll see the most smiling faces at our Boat Sales booth, just south of the Annapolis Marriot and next to the Woodwind. Our Customer Service “Dream Team” of John Maloney, Aaron Freeman and Warren Richter will be showcasing the latest and greatest boats from LaserPerformance with once-a-year special pricing on all of LP’s boats (and more special-er (?) pricing for our in-water boats). They’re also going to be showing off other APS products, taking rigging orders and basically performing any of their normal APS duties over there. It’ll be like APS Northwest.

Also, if you’ve got an under 14-ish sailor who can fit in LaserPerformance’s Bug, we’ll have three of them at the APS Booth for your precious angels to buzz around in. And yes, we will have trained sailing instructors (lead by the website’s queen of correcting my mistakes, Katie Cross) there to make sure that they don’t crash into a $400,000 sport boat, effectively emptying their college savings account and condemning them to a lifetime of hearing “remember when you bankrupted the family by torpedoing a Swan 42?”

On Land, AB16 – AB18

Jarrett Hering (Rigging), Ian Coleman (Storefront) and I will be holding down the Musto booth this year with 15% off on everything from their rugged Offshore HPX to the lightweight crew-weight Carribean and Windward lines. Their HPX and MPX gear is the bees knees and is the standard for anyone going offshore or racing hard. Their MPX Race line is a favorite of staff here at APS; we’re all huge fans of the MPX Race Spray Top and Race Salopettes.

For the less fashion conscious who don’t need the most brandy-spankinest new gear, we’ll even have some bigger discounts if you don’t mind last year’s decals or colors.

Don’t see the HPX, MPX, gear bag, etc. that you want from Musto, but still want the 15% discount? No worries; if we don’t have it at the booth or here at the shop, we’ll order it in, UPS it to you and give you the discount. So come early, come often, but most of all, just come so we can justify our boss continuing to pay our salaries.

On Land, 69 & 70

Our girls of the Purchasing and Receiving Departments, Lynn Bethell and Arianne Dalton, will be working the Gill booth along with some of Gill’s finer reps. They’ll also have 15% pretty much everything in the booth, but they’ll also have their Atlantic Jacket (normally $449.00) at the “they must be out of their minds price” of just $270.00. And while the signs only say “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”, they do imply that you’ll need pants, so Gill will also have the Atlantic Trousers (normally $339.00) down to $180.

On Land, 24

Just a hop, skip and a mosey from the Musto booth, Joanie Stone (Shipping) and Steve Mazur (Customer Service) will be working with our good friends at SLAM this year. They’ll have all sorts of goodies and deals from the company that let Russell Coutts design foul weather gear. I hear he’s a decent sailor and the gear gets decent reviews, so stop by and take a look. And if that doesn’t get you all excited, you can soak in all of Steve’s charm on Saturday and Sunday when we let him out of customer service.

Tent Space, 18

Our favorite almost-Canadian, Mike Lindsley, is going to be wearing the APS colors over at the Atlantis booth this year. Atlantis has really been making a name for themselves over the past year or two and we’ve started to get on board with some of their gear. If you’ve heard the name but haven’t seen the gear, it’d definitely be worth a trip over to see some of the innovative things that they’re doing.

So that’s where we’ll be for the next few days — we hope to see everyone there!

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