Breeze On & Boats Out of Control

Breeze On & Boats Out of Control

Last night marked the start of Wed Night Racing in Annapolis, the self proclaimed “Sailing Capital of Capitals” and boy, what a way to start. In what most will deem a night only sailmakers dream of, because of all the torn sails of course, things got off to fast downwind start with a stiff North-ish breeze of about 20 knots and air temps hovering in the 50s. For those of us “fortunate” enough to be out of sailing commission for a bit, because of a trip to the dermatologist earlier in the day resulting in the removal of sun damaged flesh, we were treated to quite a show from the spectator seats. Breeze on and boats nearly upside down, mother nature was not forgiving to those that hadn’t sailed since last season nor the seasoned professionals.

Considered by most to be the later, here is Ramrod shortly after the start with their hands full demonstrating how even elite sailors sometimes show their bottom-sides.

Now we’re not professional photographers, we’ll leave that to Allen and Daniela over at, but Katie took a bunch of other great shots and we’ve put them up for you to peruse should you choose. We didn’t sort them or even delete the worthless ones but you can click here to see if you too were caught in the act of doing something you swear never happens.
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