Chesapeake Racer Profile: Keith Mayes

Chesapeake Racer Profile: Keith Mayes

Impressively, we”ve managed to completely forget about posting our Chesapeake Racer Profiles here on the blog since the middle of March. It”s gotten so bad that the target of April”s profile actually sent us an email wondering if he”d said something to anger us. Of course, the answer is no — there”s a highly technical reason relating to the launch of the new APS website, some strings of code and a complete brain fart on my part that led to the delay. And since he”s been the most egregiously offended party (at three months late and counting), we”re getting Keith Mayes up today with the intentions of catching up on May and June ASAP.

is a sailing magazine based out of Annapolis (about three blocks away from APS, actually) that covers racing and cruising on the Chesapeake and across parts of the Mid-Atlantic.

Each month, APS sponsors the “Chesapeake Racer Profile” in Spinsheet — this profile focuses on a local sailor who actively races or promotes the sport of sailboat racing in the area. Past profiles have featured locals like unknown sailor Terry Hutchinson, world-class Race Officer Sandy Grosvenor and local junior sailors who won the Sears Cup for Annapolis Yacht Club.

This month, we”re featuring Keith Mayes. Keith is a local Beneteau 36.7 owner and the is the class” Chesapeake Bay Fleet Captain — I”ve actually sailed on a different 36.7 a few times and Keith has always been a class act on the water. He”s also a former Rear Commodore of the Herrington Harbour SA and Secretary of CBYRA, a member of the Beneteau 36.7 National Technical Committee (writing rules and ensuring one-design compliance) and a U.S. Sailing Club Race Officer, who is working on judge certification.

He also dreams of getting a Sydney 47 CR or a King 40 — and on the off chance that dreams become a reality, I”d just like to inform Keith that I”m always available to crew…

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