Come on Down

Gone are the days when men were men and taking 2 or more weeks off to do SORC wasn’t a problem. With all the demands people have on their time these days we know that good crew is getting harder and harder to come by. But, today’s post isn’t about getting crew for our boat it’s about us getting good crew to join our team at APS.

As the premier performance sailing retail/mail order company, APS is a dynamic and constantly growing company and we’re currently looking for a few motivated sailors to join our crew. We’ve got a variety of positions open and if you or someone you know is in on the hunt for a new gig we encourage you to check out our employment page.

We work hard but we also like to have fun and since it’s Friday I’d like to leave you with a little video we shot during lunch. That’s Kyle on lead, Ian on rhythm guitar, Aaron on bass, Chris on drums, and of course James, the small pianist player.

PS. We might even give extra credit if you have some sweet cowbell skills. It should go without saying that we need more cowbell.

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