Comparing 75mm Harken Corbo Block Types | Expert Advice

Whether you’re a small boat sailor, or a big boat sailor you know the benefits of having blocks on loaded lines. Harken makes a wide range of blocks to fit all your needs. Three main Harken carbo blocks are the Standard Ball Bearing Block, the Ratchet Block, and the Ratchamatic Block.

Harken Blocks - Standard, Ratchet, and Ratchamatic

Why use a ratchet block?

Ratchet blocks are great for when you need to control highly loaded sheets with ease. There are two types of Harken ratchet blocks, the standard Ratchet, and the Ratchamatic.

The Standard Ratchet can be turned off with the flick of a switch. This enables you to engage the ratchet when you want to or turn it off when it is not needed.  This allows you to adjust the setting based on your abilities and trimming style.  When the sheet is easy to pull in and/or the breeze is light – then turn off the ratchet. As the breeze increases, and so do the loads on the sheet, you’re able to turn the ratchet on, easily, at the moment it is needed.Harken-Ratchet-block

The Ratchamatic engages depending on the load of the line on the block. If you’re not sure you want the authority of when to change, let it do the thinking for you.   It also is fully adjustable to set the engagement point. So if you are strong and don’t need all the help, you can certainly can adjust the block to engage at higher loads.

Check out the video above to see the three Harken blocks up close and how they work.

If you don’t need the big 75 mm block, Harken also makes these three in 57 mm. If you need help on choosing the right block please call our customer service team, they love talking about Harken Blocks.
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