Comparing Dinghy Sailing Boots: Rubber or Neoprene?

Gill Gray Competition Sailing BootRonstan Zip Up Sailing Boot

Not sure what type of dinghy boot is right for you?  Don’t worry APS can help! The two most popular types are Neoprene or waterproof.

Neoprene boots have a zippered closure, velcro zipper keeper, and tend to be more flexible which allows a thicker than normal sock to be worn without cramping the foot.

The waterproof boots typically have a lace-up closure, are more rigid, and hold moisture just as well as it keeps the water out.

Type Materials Construction Closure Primary Use
Waterproof Boots Rubber Rigid Tie up Spring/Summer
Neoprene Boots Neoprene Flexible Zipper Year Round, Good for Winter

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