E-Scows and Vipers and Tigers, Oh My

E-Scows and Vipers and Tigers featured image

Last week I mentioned that our 2009 catalog is in full-on production — in fact, we’ve almost finished wrapping things up. Since you’ve taken the time out of your day to read our blog, we’re guessing that you’ve probably seen it before. It’s that 152 page digest of gear, parts and cordage with our bright orange logo on the front; it’s probably on your boat or in that stack of magazines in the head.

Well, the middle of the catalog is where we have a whole bunch of pages devoted to one-design classes. We’re always looking at new classes to work with so that we can offer custom rigging, specialty hardware, replacements/spares, etc.

This year we’re adding 5 new classes to the catalog and website – no small feat and it’s way more than we’ve added in a while. As the logo’s above might have already given away we’re adding the E-Scow, Viper 640, Beneteau 36.7, Beneteau 40.7 and the Flying Tiger 10M. These are all very cool classes that are growing quickly, but have maybe slipped below the radar of the folks who aren’t sailing in them.

Beyond just offering up easy-to-order halyards and parts, we also compile an online photo gallery of well-rigged boats so you can see what other sailors are doing and formulate your own plans (within class rules, of course). Chris even traveled to Pensacola, FL to take a look at some Flying Tigers, since they have a pretty active fleet down there — sure, his folks live there and APS got a little free labor out of him when he was there for Thanksgiving, but it sounds impressive that we went almost a 1,000 miles from Annapolis for good info, doesn’t it?

I hope there’s some folks out there who will be psyched to see our offerings for these new one-design classes. If you ever have any awesome ideas for things about these classes, give us a shout at Sail@apsltd.com. Sure, they won’t make it in the catalog this year because Rob would stab anyone trying to add something at this point (the Bud Heavy in this picture was there to help calm the catalog beast) — but maybe next year!

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