Earth Day at APS

Earth Day at APS

Happy Earth day from APS”s newest team member!

It”s Earth Day at APS, and we thought it would be a good day to introduce our newest team member, Bryn, to you by having her do a little write up about her first days here and what she”s learning. What follows is her first blog post. As the newest member of the marketing department look for more of posts to be coming from her soon. Welcome aboard Bryn! (Rob)

Ahoy, ahoy…Today is Earth Day and my 4th day at APS. In addition to learning the ropes, literally, I have enjoyed learning about the company culture…like how Green APS is! For instance, one of the first things I noticed was that some, ok a lot, of the APS staff ride their bikes to and from work to do our part in helping out with the environment. As you can see from this picture we took this morning it can be a bit of a race to get to the best spot on the bike rack!

Also, did you know that the APS building was the first building in Eastport to collect 1000f its own storm water by containing the water using downspouts and rainwater drains? The water is collected then filtered naturally under the building in a large containment hold before it feeds into the Bay, which happens to be one block away. Aside from being avid recyclers (lots of blue cans around this place) this is just another way that APS is helping to improve the environment but it doesn”t stop there. APS also attempts to carry as many environmentally friendly sailing products we can, too!

Some products that we carry are also environmentally savvy.
The New Men’s Ballistic Eco Shorts by Harken, made from renewable and sustainable fabrics, are eco-friendly and extremely comfortable. The Two Men’s Ballistic Eco Shorts by Harkenpadded hiking shorts feature naturally anti-microbial bamboo, ballistic nylon and 4-way stretch spandex-which allows them to be super stretchy and quick drying. The other cool thing about the shorts, besides the fact that they are eco-friendly, is that they are the only padded shorts with 2 back pockets behind the removable hiking pads.
Available in Stone and Carbon, sizes 28-42 Men’s.
Also, The Norge Men’s lifejacket by Astral features a “Truly sustainable design that conforms so that you don’t have to.” The buoyancy material used in the lifejacket is Kapok, an organic material that provides the most conforming fit of any buoyancy material available. The materials are harvested by hand from the Kapok tree, a tropical tree native to central America and parts of the Caribbean.

The tree grows to 200-250 feet tall! The seed pods are extremely buoyant and water resistant-which is what makes it a great product for life jackets.

The Norge design is very traditional, with plenty of pocket space that is bigger on the inside than they appear.

….and for the ladies, the Women”s Abba by Astral, also features the organic material, Kapok. The material allows the vest to conform to the body for a slim profile fit.

Two Women’s Abba lifejackets by Astral
Abba has a shorter torso height and features fleece hand warmers for cold days on the water.

Available in Black or Cranberry.

In closing, if you haven”t noticed by now, this post was written by a new author so let me introduce myself. My name is Bryn Bachman and I am the newest member of the APS team. Originally from Ohio, I have been sailing since I was 10 years old. Growing up, I spent a lot of time sailing on the Great Lakes and crewing for my dad on our family Windmill. Sailing is a huge passion of mine and I am happy to be working in the industry. I look forward to new sailing opportunities and adventures in the Annapolis area and am excited to be joining the company right as the sailing season takes off. Well, that’s all for today. Be sure to check back for more updates from me in the future. Hope you get the chance to spend some time enjoying the outdoors today-brought to you, of course, by mother earth!
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  1. From the Crackanfail up front to the old XO, the cruiser, or maybe the Surly…nice assortment of bikes! Are they all locked up? 😉

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