An Exciting Weekend of Racing on the Chesapeake

An Exciting Weekend of Racing on the Chesapeake
  Sunny skies and cool temperatures combined with gusty winds but warm water made the Chesapeake the place for any serious sailor to be this past weekend. Home to the IRC East Coast Championship, J24 East Coast Championship, J105 Chesapeake Championship and Star/Etchells Fall Regatta, 107 boats were spread over the four courses. There were boats everywhere and even a battleship and submarine courtesy of the Naval Academy. Blessed with the conditions and many options for sailing we here at APS took off our usual attire (APS Polo) and threw on some foulies for a nice weekend of sailing, luckily in separate boats.
On the IRC line, Aaron Freeman from Customer Service and Mike Lindsley from Store Front battled some challenging competition and conditions. Friday was a distance race where depending on which class you were in you went 25 or 45 miles in winds holding steady in the 20s with gusts over 30. Wipeouts and carnage were the words of the day. Saturday and Sunday were a little calmer with buoy racing and winds ranging from 10 – 20 knots. 6 races were completed under what was described as a great race committee. Posting a strong performance throughout the weekend in the end Numbers, Dan Meyers custom black carbon beauty, took the overall win.

Next up were the J24 East Coast Championships. With 35 boats it was the largest of the fleets offering up stiff competition for three great days of racing. Jarrett from our rigging department sailed and found himself helping those with breakdowns in the shop after a long wet day on Friday. Soaking wet from head to toe Jarrett deserved big ups from those who needed his help. In the end it was Tim Healy who won by an impressive 26 points!

One of the strongest one design fleets here on the bay had their J105 Chesapeake Championships. With the largest APS representation, myself (Katie from marketing), Matt from Customer Service, and Bryn from Marketing set off for two great days of sailing. Seeing all the breeze on Friday we sat at our desks hoping the wind wouldn’t blow itself out. But, the wind gods kept their promise and we finished 5 races in varying but generally windy conditions. Congrats to Cedric Lewis and Frederik Salvesen on Mirage for finishing with only 8 points and 4 bullets in 5 races!

Next, was the AYC Star/Etchells Fall Regatta. Also with 5 races sailed, was Warren Richter (shown at left “hiking”) from Customer Service sailing Stars. In the Etchells class, Gary Jobson took the podium with 4 bullets while John
MacCausland topped the Star class.
Crew members with sailor hats on

Finally, rounding out the APS presence on the Bay this weekend was our Director of Marketing, Rob Beach. Rob (second row, second from the left) fellow captains, and first mate Z bone (donning the Dixie cap) masterfully sailed their chartered Orana catamaran alongside Rob”s father-in-law and crew on an Island Packet, to 3 different ports of call during the Annual Dorsey Shady Guy’s BOAT TRIP.

After a great weekend, it’s back to work! We hope everyone enjoyed sailing in our backyard here in Annapolis. Y’all come back soon!
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