Farr 30 Averages 47 Knots for 23 Hours Straight!!

We’re happy to report that our Customer Service Guru Matt F, fellow members of team Mummbles and their Farr 30 have all made it safely and obeying speed limits to Key West! Completing the 1,248 mile trip in 24 hours!


Here’s his recap:

Thursday. 4 pm : Phew! Well the longest day (or two if you’re being technical) of the regatta are basically over.

We left Annapolis at 10:30 am on Wednesday and drove non stop til we hit Key West which had us arriving around 10 am today, although the exact time is a little fuzzy. With three of us driving we could do two-on one-off which worked great even through the night.


We went right to work at Truman Annex unstrapping the boat and taking off all the clear wrap on the mast. We stepped the mast put the boom on, ran the main sheet, installed the rudder, and did some other general clean up. The boat is all set for splashing first thing tomorrow.

For as tired as I am, I’m extremely pleased I did not do the feeder race from Ft. Lauderdale down to key west which appeared to be a tale of two days.

An upwind slog into 25-30 kts of breeze yesterday and most of last night, only to wake up to exceedingly light winds. At this point (4pm) only 3 or 4 of the original 45-50 racers have finished.

Now it’s time for me to get a desperately needed shower and what I consider to be a well deserved adult beverage. Or two. And maybe a nap. Or two.


Thanks for the update Matt! Your view looks nicer than the one we had here at APS today!

We’re all looking forward to getting more stories and on the water action from the Farr 30 course throughout the week.

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