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Farr 30 Heads out the Door Today….

Check out these new Farr 30 jib sheets. We took green Samson Amsteel and pulled black Yale Cover-Only over the line. We replaced the traditional J-lock shackles used on Farr 30s with one of our new Dyneema Shackle Loops. We also replaced the traditional stainless ring with an Antal 14mm low friction ring that will run like butter on the stripped line – even under high loads. Rather than having the J-Lock jamming into the stainless ring at max trim, now this boat will have the soft shackle and the Antal ring preventing metal on metal clanging and banging. You should know carbon rigs will love this because (trust me) getting hit with a flogging J-Lock is fun for no one involved… Here’s a close up of the jib sheet with the inhauler incomplete:
The inhauler complete is pretty impressive, too. The inhauler is made of 5/32″ Dinghy Control Line by FSE Robline.

The guys in rigging are working hard as ever suiting boats up for the season – and sometimes, a boat owner comes along and is ready to rework it all. That’s the case with this Farr 30. In addition to these good-looking jib sheets, the same boat is getting new guys, sheets, and a traveler. Here’s a peek:

Turns out the boat is a fan of the Endura Braid by New England, which has a polyester cover with a 100% Dyneema DSK-75 Core. Nice Line. The Dyneema DSK-75 core works well for high loads, and the texture feels good on the hands. Plus, it stands up to the sun.

For the traveler, the boat is being outfitted with Swiftcord by Maffioli. Made with Dyneema SK-75 and Cordura BlendThe, this line is light and won’t absorb water. It’s also strong – but (like the Endura Braid) it won’t tear up your hands.

We’re not going to give away all the tricks on this boat, but we will leave you with one more bit of fruit for thought on this fine Friday afternoon: The Cunningham. More of the Dinghy Control Line by FSE Robline with AmSteel Blue by Samson, which is constructed of 100% Dyneema SK-75. Those of you who know this line know it is amazingly strong. For details, click to the APS site.

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  1. Hi – The size we used was 5/32" with a 2.5" loop (APSDSL532). Also, if you're planning on using DSLs, if you put the diamond knot of the shackle on the sail side (opposed to the sheet side) you should be able to trim the sheet all the way into the inhauler unlike a hard shackle.

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