How a Farr 30 Main Halyard is Made | Expert Advice

The Farr 30 main Halyard is a complicated piece of hardware to make. Tapering a wire and prepping the line for a splice is a tedious and lengthy process. Jarrett Herring, rigging enthusiast here at APS, takes us through the steps and processes involved in the creation of this tricky wire-to-rope transition in the above short video.

Yes, Farr 30 was called Mumm 30 in the past.

The Pre-Made Wire-to-Rope Halyard kits are made in advance for traditional halyards on dinghies and keelboats. This helps the whole order process move faster. Due to it’s lengthy process, the cost tends to be a bit higher than other rigs. If you have a main halyard with corroded, meat hooked or just a worn out wire, there is a wonderful kit that we offer for the Farr 30- The Refurbished Main Halyard. It’s a great way to keep a spare halyard around for less and with our January Rigging Sale in full swing, you can get a great deal on these and other rigging services! practice

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