February Rigging Sale

February Rigging Sale feature image

So you missed out on the January Rigging Sale, huh? Well, you’re in luck!  You still have time to take advantage of our custom made rigging, cordage, wire and one design packages at discount prices!

For all of February receive:
10% off Cordage and Wire

10% off One Design PackagesGo on, replace those tired halyards and frayed sheets.  With all of this warm weather around, your sailing season could be closer than you think.  With only 29 days in February, this isn’t the time to procrastinate!

In case you needed some more persuasion, here is a small taste of what our rigging shop can do for you.To the left are J/35 Genoa Sheets made of Samson MLX  with Dyneema Shackle Loops for easy attachment (and great weight savings).

Not only are the sheets color coded, but the DSLs are as well!

Guess he really wanted to ensure his crew wouldn’t get confused.


In addition to new genoa sheets, this J/35 also got a brand new halyard for the 2012 season.  Made with New England Endura Braid, we covered the top 3 feet in New England DCS Cover.

Although not a standard practice to put cover on a double braid like Endura Braid,  DCS Cover provides superior chafe protection and a longer halyard life. It can be added to just about any high tech line we sell.

With all sorts of possibilities, now is the time to get your rigging updated!  Give our Customer Service team a call, 800.729.9767.

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