Freestyle Mariner Watch | Expert Review

 This product is no longer avaiable, but check out other sailing watches here

And GUN!  The class flag goes up; 5 minutes to the next start, and no one caught the sequence because sandwiches are still on deck!?!?

Worry not, because YOU have The Mariner Watch by Freestyle.  Go ahead and start the timer, and around minute 4 you can get spot on synchronization with the tap of a button.   Yes, a sync button.  But wait there’s more…

freestyle mariner watch

This puppy is called the Mariner Watch for a reason.  Purpose built for the water life, this surfing company has been making uber-waterproof watches for decades. The buttons can even be pressed underwater (a unique feature called “hydro-push”).   Only having a total of four buttons means the watch is user intuitive, right out of the box!

freestyle mariner watch closeupfreestyle mariner watch logan

The face has sizable digits that are easy to read, even at a quick glance.  Available in both positive and negative contrast. Our personal field testing has concluded they are both equal in readability during bright days or dark nights (just FYI).

Here’s a quick look at some of the key features..

  • True racer time with unique beep alerts to signal countdown is approaching zero
  • 100 meters of water resistance
  • Sync button so that if you miss the 5, you can catch the 4
  • Automatic start after completed countdown
  • Countdown repeat or countdown and count-up timer
  • Flexible silicone band allows for easy of motion and comfort
  • Available in a Positive or Negative contrast display (Negative, black with white digits, is easier to read in bright daylight)
  • “Hydro Pushers” can be pressed under water to a dynamic water pressure of 3ATM
  • Backed by Freestyles limited lifetime warranty

So if it’s finally time for that new sailing watch, I’d urge you to check out The Mariner Watch by Freestyle.

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