Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary

You may have caught Mike Carter’s guest commentary about his “Why I Sail Moment” a couple of weeks ago.

Well, this inspired our elder statesman of Customer Service, Steve Mazur, to put together a similar post.

What it lacks in word count, it certainly makes up for in accuracy; heck, it’s almost prophetic.

Okay, it’s not quite Confucius, but it does have a calming effect that brings a peace of sorts and helps you find your center — or I’m falling asleep and need some coffee.

One of the two.

Let’s say it’s the first part, since I’m trying to cut back on caffeine…

I’m rambling.

Take it away, Steve!

Why I Sail…
Steve Mazur

Sometimes going to weather for half the day just doesn’t cut it, and going downwind isn’t much better.

Every now and then you’ve got to crack off, head on a reach and get your mind right…


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