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Harken Laser Traveler & Boom Blocks, a First Look

If you”re a Laser sailor you”ve probably heard rumors about Harken Laser Blocks for a while now. The class authorized new blocks manufactured by Harken a little while ago but we”re only just now getting confirmation that they”re in the manufacturing process.

These new blocks will be available as a
set containing the traveler blocks and both boom blocks as well as rivets to attach the boom blocks. The set will sell for $95 – or at least that”s what we”ve been told by Laser Performance.

(Update – As of 2011, these blocks are also sold individually. Check out the Laser Aft Boom Block, the Laser Forward Boom Block, and the Laser Traveler Block for more information.)

The boom blocks are pretty straight forward but they should hold up a lot better than the original Laser boom blocks and they look pretty sharp. The traveler blocks are a definite improvement. They are a one piece block so you no longer have to deal with the S-hook and trying to fit the shrink wrap over them and they”ll never come apart on you.

We”ve been told by Laser Performance that they “anticipate having these available from their warehouse 6/24.” If they hold to that schedule we should be able to start shipping them out to APS customers around July 1st. I certainly wouldn”t go so far as to promise that date will hold but we”re taking pre-orders now and will ship the blocks out the same day we get them in.

Look for more about how these blocks perform, check out my follow up post on Laser ACC Wrapup and Harken Block Test Drive

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