2013 Holiday Gift Ideas for Sailors: 3 weeks left!

If your sailor is sleeping with visions of sugar plums dancing in their head, you should pay close attention to our Holiday Gift Ideas from APS! Here are 4 more options for you to choose from:

First up, a gift for the Ladies

Looking for a purse but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one of the high-end fashion brands? How about a unique bag made just for the gal who loves to show off her love for sport and utility?

Yellow and navy Harken Sailcloth PurseThe Harken Sailcloth Purse is the perfect size and comes in 3 different styles. It’s the ideal bag for everything from shopping trips to tent parties, and you can’t beat the price!


Winter Sailing Gloves

Looking for a gift for your skipper? The Gill Helmsman Gloves are the just the thing.Gill Helmsman Sailing Gloves, gray

These gloves are waterproof and insulated without feeling bulky. They offer enough grip and dexterity to keep your driver’s hands on the tiller (or wheel) all winter long. They also feature adjustable wrist cuffs for a better fit, and a drawstring closure to help keep the elements out. I might even wear these skiing this season!


A for-real fully waterproof sailing jacket

Do you have a sailor in need of a high-performance, fully-waterproof sailing jacket? The Musto MPX Race Jacket tops this category.

Musto MPX Race Jacket, Surf BlueIts Gore-Tex® fabric and an athletic cut will protect you from the elements without hindering your performance. The Musto MPX line is one of the best in its class. If you know someone who could use truly waterproof yet breathable gear, look no further. You’ll end up being their favorite person for, uh, eternity.


Show your APS pride!

Lastly, looking for something inexpensive but cool? Our APS Camo Trucker Hat is probably the raddest APS branded item we offer.

APS Logo Camo Trucker Hat

Your crew wants it, your kids want it, your friends want it, you want it, Santa Claus wants it … pretty much everyone wants it. Heck, I have one, and now I want another! Snag it [here].

Well, that is all the advice I have today from down here in APS-ville. Happy holidays and sail fast into the new year!

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