2013 Holiday Gift Ideas for Sailors: 4 weeks left!

We know what sailors want for the holidays and here are 4 Holiday Gifts for sailors that are bound to please.

The holidays are getting closer! With just 4 weeks left to get your family and crew the gear they love and want. Remember, a happy crew equals a happy skipper. I’ve got several products to show you that would be PERFECT as gifts.

Dubarry Leather Wallet, open and closed

First up to bat is the Dubarry Wallet. Its super soft leather lets you feel at ease, knowing that your cash and cards are always comfortable when riding along in your pockets. Also
great for the sailor who has a pair of the matching Ultima Stretch Sea Boots or may be getting some in the near future (hint, hint).

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Black

Next is the Outdoor Research Sombrero, an essential piece of gear if for staying dry in a down pour. Gore-Tex, sombrero brim, and taped seams—what more do you need?

Nautical Trivial Gameboard

Have you been searching for a game for your family to play after dinner? Fear not—your searching is over. The Nautical Trivia game is the ultimate way to show off your knowledge of sailing with your family and friends. Move over Monopoly…this game is sweeping the sailing community!


Finally, for those of you who love going farther off the dock than most, the Spinlock Inflatable Deckvest 5D is the item to get.  It’s super comfortable and the best inflatable PFD w/ tether on the market today. Keep your loved ones safe this holiday season.  Plus, as an added bonus, we’re throwing in a free tether with purchase of a Deckvest 5D.

Happy holidays and sail fast!

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