2012 Holidays at APS! : Custom Action Shot Tech Shirt

Holidays at APS! : Custom Action Shot Tech Shirt feature image
 Looking for a great gift this holiday season? APS is here to help.

A great custom gift that every sailor would love is our Action Shot Tech Shirt from Crugear. The comfortable wicking, and breathable APS tech shirt is a piece that can be worn as outerwear most of the year and for layering in the cooler months. In house customization by Crugear allows us to create the perfect shirt for the sailor in your life. Choose the action packed image from our selection, or send your own over to our customer service department and get an ideal high resolution custom gift.



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  1. Sailing a good sport for those who love the open sea. This shirt just captured the memories of their journey. I think the best part of this one is giving it as a present for your deck mates.

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