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Hooking Up a Melges 24 feature image

This Melges 24 jib halyard tensioner is made out of 3/16″ 1×19 wire with a Fork end and Turnbuckle for adjustment. What’s special about this is the 1×19 wire has lower stretch and is less likely to break or fray than the typically used 7×19 wire.

Melges 24 Spinnaker Halyard

We’re taking basics to the next level with this Melges 24 spinnaker halyard. Tons of people strip their lines – but who reinforces the line with cover where it matters? The following halyard is intended strictly for high performance use.

Melges 24 Spinnaker Halyard

This double tapered spin halyard is made from New England Endura Braid and has Yale Cover only in the area that will be cleated. The Endura Braid is low-stretch, low-creep, non-water-absorbing. It has a polyester cover with 100% Dyneema DSK-75 core. The Yale Cover is extremely durable and will make the line cleat better when the sail is hoisted. The Endura Braid has been stripped down to its Dyneema core where it is not reinforced with Yale Cover. This line is going to run really well up and down, and again, the easier cleating will improve efficiency on deck.

Here’s a close up of the line so you can see how clean the transition is from reinforced line (read: Dyneema core, Edura Braid polyester cover, and Yale Cover) to the exposed Dyneema of the stripped Endura Braid. We have to say this halyard would be for the guys who have figured out their sytems so well that they can get super tweaky about dropping ounces and making life for the crew easier. Dropping ounces in terms of stripping the line, which (by the way) will serve to decrease the longevity of the line. Making life easier in terms of bulking up the line and giving it more grip for cleating. APS Rigger Jarrett thinks this halyard is ‘awesome’ and votes we call this our Pro-Spin Halyard and add it to the APS rigging offerings. Who knows? We may just do it. However, for now, it’s still a custom order.

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