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With James on his way to the Thistle Midwinters, I’m on my own with the blog for the next week. Many of you probably stopped reading right there, making a mental note to check back on March 9th.

For those of you that have made it to this second paragraph — thanks, I appreciate it. And now to let you down — since we’re down to one writer today, I’m predictibly swamped (shooting and editing a couple of videos for the blog/website, working on our new website, etc.), so I’ve got a couple of housecleaning items to toss out there and then I’m putting up a couple of random videos to help waste your time.

1) APS’ February Harken and Rigging Sales end on Saturday, a.k.a. tomorrow. Check out the details because, well, this is an opportunity to save a bunch of money on stuff that you’re probably going to need.
Unless you enjoy spending more money than you have to, in which case, I’m assuming you wear a monocle and look like the Monopoly guy, lighting your cigar with a $100.00 bill (or “a Benjamin”, as the kids/rappers call it).

2) Our Sale Rack is full of Patagonia, Puma and Optimum Time watches. If you’re in the market for some base layers, a sailing watch or some VOR “il Mostro” t-shirts, check it out.

Okay, now to waste your time:

The lone US team in the Volvo Ocean Race talks about why sailing isn’t as big/popular here in the States as opposed to some other nations.

Around 0:50 into the vid, Kimo Worthington names off the sports in the US that take the attention away from sailing. He lists: skiing, tennis, soccer.

Really Kimo? I know you’re a good guy, but way to set off the elitist alarm — football, baseball and basketball don’t make the cut?

Also from the Volvo is a snapshot of this marathon leg they’re on right now… I can’t tell if I really want to do this race at some point or if I’d be better off to just paying someone to throw buckets of salt water in my face for awhile. I’d consider the Rio to Boston leg, maybe… or an in-port race. I’m a wuss.

Finally, utterly unrelated from sailing but I found it kind of funny:
If you ever, EVER, think you’re fast enough to be a pro athlete, watch this from the NFL Combine (“auditions” for American football). I’d highly recommend just fast forwarding to the 2:14 mark. Trust me, most of us are going to run the 40-yard dash in about the same time Rich Eisen does…

FYI for the 2:44 mark – BJ Raji is a 6’2″, 337lb Defensive Tackle out of Boston College. He’s described as being “built like a Coke machine and almost as difficult to move”. If you can’t beat him, your dream is cooked…

That’s all I’ve got for today — we’ll get back to the sailing stuff on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great blog and awesome videos–keep it up! It’s also really refreshing when people selling products are willing to tell about both strengths and weaknesses.

    I’d love to see a review on hiking pants, especially Zhik vs. SEA. Been wondering if the Zhiks are appropriate for 70 degree weather. Got anyone who can comment on women’s fit?

    PS: Your comment form is funky. The preview wouldn’t work correctly.

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