How Does Three Days Constitute a Week?

How Does Three Days Constitute a Week?

I like Annapolis…

I love Charleston.

Really, what’s not to love? It’s a beautiful city bursting with southern hospitality and warm weather. It’s also home to a great regatta in Charleston Race Week.

I’m down here with the Donovan 27 Remedy out of Annapolis, competing in one of the PHRF classes. I say “one of the PHRF classes” because there are like four or five and I didn’t pay any attention to which letter or number it is — all I know is that we’ll have a two hour motor out to the course tomorrow and I’ll be asleep on the #4 down below for that entire time.

Warren from our Customer Service Department is competing in the same mystery class aboard the Beneteau 10M L’Outrage and Ian from our Storefront is aboard Henry Filter’s Melges 24 (Wild Child, I think).

Warren and Ian both went out and practiced today while our bowman, the world famous con-artist Jon Downey, and I worked on getting the boat ready all day. As it turns out, if you don’t use a winch for six months they tend to seize up. Chalk that one up to the ol’ experience pool.

Anyways, look for the three of us at the regatta party tonight to snag a free 2009 Dr. Crash and Ultimate Sailing calendar courtesy of our fantastic employers (yes, I’m up for my yearly review soon). We’ll be the one’s wearing the white APS polo shirts with the backpacks of calendars – come on up, introduce yourself, demand a free calendar, bring us a drink or three and we’ll hook you up with some date tracking goodness.

Since I’m writing this before racing starts, I don’t have much in the way of exciting content for you. We’ll have a full recap on Monday from all three boats… well, it may not be a full recap since chances are that we’ll all be exhausted and at least one of us might still be hungover (cough, cough, Ian…) but we’ll put together something that’s interesting.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the party tonight because, well, I have nothing else… have a great weekend and here’s hoping that Warren’s boat goes way slower than ours.

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