How to Choose and Use Soft Shackles | Expert Advice

There are dozens of shackles you can use on a boat; screw pin, key pin, trigger, J-Lock just to name a few. Recently there is a newer style of shackle that’s been added to the mix. These shackles are collectively referred to as Soft Shackles.

Soft Shackles have quickly grown in popularity as the technology for low stretch line like Dyneema and Spectra have advanced.

The primary benefit of this shackle is weight reduction without loss in breaking strength. The downside is diminished durability but for most people this is an acceptable trade-off.

APS Soft Shackle

Our two most popular soft shackles are the APS Dyneema-Shackle Loops, which are all-Dyneema shackles, and Equiplites Soft Shackles which  have an aluminum bobbin used to secure the Dyneema loop in place.

Equiplite Soft Shackle

The benefit of the aluminum bobbin is that no matter how highly loaded the shackle is, it
is just as easy to open whereas the Dyneema Shackle loops can snug onto themselves, sometimes making quick sail changes difficult to perform. But the all-Dyneema loops are much less expensive whereas the Equiplites can often cost many times more. It really depends on the application which you should use and each has their pros and cons.

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