How to Choose the Right Type of Sailing PFD | Expert Advice

What sailing PFD is the right PFD for you? Well, that’s a great question and we’re here to help. We have put together a simple guide to understanding the different kinds PFD’s we offer and how to choose the right one for your type of sailing.

Here are the sailing PFD and buoyancy aids that covered:

Zhik Racing Buoyancy Aid

Buoyancy Aid: Lightweight, low-profile, less bulk. These are a good option for small and sporty keel boats, like a Melges 20 or J-70. I love mine!


Type III USCG Approved PFD: These support a variety of sailing, from dinghies to small keelboats. If you are looking for a life jacket to use across the board, this is the way to go. It’s easy to get in and out of because it has a zipper closure, and their sporty design allows for comfort.

Astral YTV PDF

Type V USCG Approved: These life jackets are designed for a specific purpose. Our Type V life jackets are designed specifically for dinghy sailing, with a pullover design and the ability to move your arms in a wide range of motion.

Spinlock Deckvest Flow

USCG Approved Inflatable: The Spinlock Deckvest Flow is designed for inshore and coastal keelboat sailing. It is a super lightweight and comfortable inflatable.

Spinlock 5D Hammar PFD

Offshore Inflatable: The Spinlock Deckvest 5D Hammar is a high-performance PFD designed to endure the elements of ocean sailing. If you are going offshore, this inflatable will give you the best combination of safety and comfort.

And remember: always make sure to check your SI’s to make sure your sailing PFD is in accordance with you club’s safety rules!

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