How to Convert an Automatic Spinlock Life Jacket to Manual Inflation

When choosing an inflatable automatic life jacket, one option I always look for is whether or not I can convert it to manual activation to control when inflation occurs and to prevent accidental  inflation in wet/extreme conditions.

Spinlock Deckvest

From Coastal Cruising to offshore sailing, Spinlock Deckvest 5D Pro Sensor  is the perfect candidate for these applications as it utilizes the UML Pro Sensor inflation. This activation system is water and moisture sensitive that uses a compressed paper capsule which dissolves when wet, which then releases a spring to activate the CO2 cylinder.  This system is designed so that only water flowing upwards through the unit will cause it to activate.  This prevents water, spray, and rain from accidentally firing the cylinder.

Spinlock Deckvest Manual to Automatic

The conversion from automatic to manual inflation is very simple.  The first thing you will need is your inflatable automatic life jacket, as well as the Manual conversion kit which converts UML inflation systems to manual inflation only.  Once converted to manual, the only way to inflate your Deckvest will be by pulling the chord.  So when you want to be in complete control of when your Deckvest ProSensor PFD inflates, the manual conversion kit is what you need.

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