How to Install Laser Deck Hardware | Expert Advice

Learning how to install Laser deck hardware is a breeze. Just grab you Marine Silicone, your deck hardware of choice like the ones found in this Laser Cunningham/Outhaul Power Pack Kit and you’ll be back on the water sailing in no time.

When you get a brand new baby Laser dinghy, you will find that the Cam Cleat and Plate deck hardware has not yet been installed. These parts are included with your rigging package along with the screws needed for installation.

If you’re upgrading your Laser to the control system that was first made class legal in 2001, you’ll need to install the block plate and cleat plate. If your boat is older and has the traditional Cunningham bullseye and clam cleat, you’ll need to remove these two pieces by simply backing out the self-tapping screws. You can then use these same screws to install your new hardware.

Here’s what you’ll to install Laser deck hardware:
– 3M Marine Grade Silicone Sealant
– Phillips Head Screwdriver
– 4 #8 Screws (1-1/2″)

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