How to Install and Use the Tactick Micro Compass | Expert Advice

Designed with the small keelboat and racing dinghy sailor in mind, the Tactick Micro Compass is minimalist in design and simple to use.  The true definition of less is more.

Micro Compass key features include:

  • Digital magnetic compass bearing/heading
  • Tactical compass
  • Countdown race timer
  • Wireless
  • Solar powered
  • Waterproof (up to 10m)

The Kit comes with Velcro mast mount, carrying case, a snap-in cradle that allows you to snap the Compass on and off, leaving the mount on the mast. While in use, the Micro Compass can show the Heading (magnetic bearing), Tactical heading or Start Timer.

The twin LCD display provides an accurate, responsive heading with graphic head / lift indication with wide viewing angles providing precise and reliable data when and where you need it.

You can use this precision heading reference to site marks, to check the line bias, or detect wind shifts.

Micro Compass Start Timer

The Micro Compass’ start timer is intuitive and easy to operate, as well as customizable to any start sequence. In order to change the start time (from 5 minutes to 3 minutes), press both mode and set keys simultaneously.  Once engaged, you will noticed the start time flash.  Now, you adjust the time up or down with the set or mode key.  Press the button mode to decrease, and set to increase the minutes.  When you have the right time, press the Mode and Set buttons simultaneously to save.

Once set up to the correct starting sequence time, press the set key to start the countdown. Audible beeps will count you down to the start, with beeps every 10 seconds under one minute, and beeps every second under 10 seconds.

If you were a little late on the gun, press the set key to re-sync the timer to the nearest full minute.

When the countdown reaches zero, Micro Compass returns to the mode it was in, before the countdown timer was set.  If interested in elapsed time, press the mode key until you see the Timer mode indicator at the top of the display.

The Compass

The first of the compass modes is a traditional magnetic compass.  It features large numbers that are easy to read even from sharp angles.

Tactical Mode

The Tactical mode is for the upwind beat and is customizable to your boats tacking angle.
The adjustment range is 1˚, 2˚, 5˚or 10˚. The Micro adds half the tack angle to the starboard display, and subtracts half the tack angle from the port display, so that you are always looking at the same number, whichever tack you are on.  While on port tack look at the port display, and on starboard tack look at the starboard display.  If the wind shifts, then you will see the displayed number change accordingly.

When on starboard, if the number gets smaller then you should tack (tack on -). When on port, if the number gets bigger then you should tack (tack on +). Header or Lift? You decide when to tack.

From club racing to your local OD fleet, the Tactick Micro Compass is an excellent choice to keep you going in the right direction.

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